Corviglia lifts and pistes

Here you’ll find all the lifts, pistes and winter hiking trails on the Corviglia so you can plan your perfect day out on the mountains and in the sunshine.

Open today

24 / 24
100% open
33 / 35
95% open
4 / 4
100% open
Status Type Name Condition
Alp Giop in service
Celerina-Marguns in service
Chantarella-Corviglia in service
Corviglia-Piz Nair in service
FIS in service
Fuorcla Grischa in service
Glüna in service
Lej da la Pêsch closed wind
Marguns-Corviglia in service
Plateau Nair in service
Ponylift Marguns in service
Ponylift Paradiso in service
Ponylift Runzöl in service
Ponylift Suvretta in service
Provulèr (Talstation Celerina) in service
Randolins-Munt da San Murezzan in service
Salastrains in service
Sass Runzöl in service
St.Moritz Bad-Signal in service
St.Moritz Dorf-Chantarella in service
Suvretta in service
Suvretta-Randolins in service
Trais Fluors in service
Tschainas (Talstation Celerina) in service
Corviglia Snowpark
Status Type No. Name Condition
Audi Ski Run powder
Giamba Run powder
Longines Speedcheck powder
01 Paradiso powder
02 Swing powder
03 Lanigiro powder-hard
04 Corviglia Run powder
05 FIS powder
06 Standard powder
07 Alpina powder
08 Akademiker powder
09 Muntanella powder
10 Pizzin powder
13 Runzöl powder
14 Marmotta powder
15 Champion powder
16 Grischa powder
17 Schlattain powder
18 Fuorcla Grischa powder
19 Glüna powder
20 Chüderas powder
21 Princess powder
22 Mezzauna powder
24 Selin powder
25 Saluver (Talabfahrt) powder-wet
26 Cristolais-Samedan powder-wet
27 Talabfahrt St.Moritz Dorf powder-wet
28 Talabfahrt St.Moritz Bad powder-wet
29 Talabfahrt Suvretta powder-wet
31 Chamanna powder
32 Foppas Run closed
34 Skilift Run closed
35 Pêsch Run closed
12 Olympia closed
23 Zöllner closed
Status Type No. Name Condition
42 Chantarella-Salastrains-Oberalpina-Suvretta-Champfèr powder
43 Chantarella-Salastrains-Signal-Trutz-El Paradiso powder
51 Corviglia - Marguns powder
52 Marguns - Chantarella powder


  • Easy
  • Moderate
  • Difficult
  • Route
  • Gondola
  • Aerial Cable Car
  • Funicular
  • Chairlift
  • Tow-lift
  • Baby lift
  • Hiking trail
  • toboggan run
  • Snowpark