Villa Lyss

Muottas Muragl | Samedan

The cosy cabin "Villa Lyss" is located just a stone's throw from the mountain station. The rustic party restaurant is perfect for all kinds of social happenings for between 15 and 24 persons. Celebrate your special events as and when they occur, in an informal, relaxed atmosphere. The fireplace is ablaze, the firewood is crackling, and a cosy warmth is pervading the room – the party in your very own private restaurant can begin.

The Villa Lyss is used exclusively for social events. Send us a non-binding enquiry and we shall be pleased to send you a quotation tailored to your individual requirements.



Romantik Hotel Muottas Muragl
Punt Muragl 3
CH-7503 Samedan

Phone Telefon +41 81 842 82 32

Opening hours

on request