Paragliding on Muottas Muragl

Strapped in as a passenger, circle like a bird in the updraft.

The feeling is indescribable: your adrenalin level will rise, while the experienced pilot calmly attends to the pre-take-off checks and preparations. The panoramic views are already hard to comprehend. Only a short while later the vistas you will experience will be out of this world: we float silently under the paraglider, high above the Engadin's chain of lakes.

Gliding like a bird in the updraft – this dream can be realised simply and safely, all thanks to the expertise of experienced pilots and their modern paragliders. And all in a setting above the enchanting Engadin.

In order to be able to experience this unique, high-Alpine valley on a passenger flight from the third dimension, the only requirement is normal bodily fitness (the ability to walk easily, in winter perhaps also taking off on skis).

Thanks to a team of pilots, flights for up to 4 people at the same time are possible. Depending on the weather conditions, the take offs will be from Muottas Muragl or Piz Corvatsch.


  • 10–40 minute flight time: from CHF 180.– per person
  • Over 40 minutes flight time (by arrangement): from CHF 240.– per person

Videos and photos of the flight: CHF 20.–
Gift vouchers are also available!

(Guideline prices, subject to change.)



Phone 081 842 66 66