Reservoir Lake Lej Alv

The lake in the heart of the hiking, running and mountainbiking mountain area Corviglia can be used as an oasis of relaxation or as a running track for the individual altitude training.

The lake of Lej Alv above Marguns captures and stores the water that flows down the mountain and the Val Schlattain during the snow melt. In winter the lake is used as a reservoir for the artificial snow on the mountainside; in summer it provides a wonderful excursion destination for runners, mountain bikers and hikers. You can reach the lake via the mountain station of the Marguns gondola or the mountain station at the Corviglia funicular. Given the altitude, swimming in the lake is an option for hard-core bathers only; but its shores do provide a delightful relaxed setting for a picnic lunch as you take in the views of the Engadin mountains and savour the crisp mountain air.

The Lej Alv is also ideally suited for altitude training, with a Finnenbahn cross-country running track circling the lake (1 round = 1km) – a wonderfully healthy option for joggers and other endurance athletes to train on. ‘Take a deep breath, fill your lungs, and enjoy!’ has always been the motto at the Lej Alv!

Altitude training around Lej Alv

Lej Alv training

  • 8 x 1000m with 2 minutes recovery between efforts: Whether training for a 5k, 10k, half marathon or marathon, this is a ‘bread-and-butter’ session for runners, from recreational to elite. Try alternating clockwise and anti-clockwise to maintain muscular balance and mixing between the gravel surface and finnenbahn to really challenge the legs.
  • A combination of 2000m efforts and hill sprints: Are you working on endurance strength? Then this workout is for you. Run two laps of Lej Alv before taking a three minute breather. Then head to the path on the south side of the lake for 6 x 20 second hill sprints with a walk down recovery. Take another 3 minutes rest and repeat the set two more times. Embrace the leg burn, it is definitely making you stronger!
  • A 5000m jog with a view: Are you new to running or looking to flush the legs out after a day on the mountain? 5 laps of Lej Alv will give you a 5km high altitude run to remember. Use the finnenbahn woodchip surface for a gentler running experience and combine with some post run stretching before soaking the legs in the refreshing water.

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