Running trails on Corviglia

Alpine trail running trails in Engadin St. Moritz: become inspired, download and start running!

What could be better than running in a magnificent mountain setting? Over lush Alpine meadows, through impressive rocky landscapes and up to passes and peaks from which you will only be rewarded with magnificent views for your exertions?

There are numerous trails for runners of every ability on Corviglia. And by using mountain cableways, you'll reap multiple benefits right away: these will save you effort and get you up from the valley onto Corviglia quickly. It means you'll also be able to enjoy the stunning views from up on the mountain right from the outset. The cableways will also take you down again afterwards without stressing your joints, if downhill running is not your thing. And last but not least, mountain cableways enable you to shorten routes at will if insufficient time remains or your fitness level is not (yet) up to completing the entire route.

Keen runners will find trails tailored to their objectives, complete with details of altitude, distance and approximate time required, here. The GPS trail of the route can also be downloaded.

Alp Nova

Runners wishing to tackle this trail above the roofs of St. Moritz can do so easily with the help of the historic Chantarella funicular railway which dates from 1913. This not only saves a climb of 150 metres, but also allows you to relax and enjoy the wonderful views down across St. Moritz and the lake, which become ever more expansive during the ascent. The trail described below can be reached from Chantarella by taking the walking trail to Alp Laret. This will shorten the running time by 20 minutes.

Those runners who don't enjoy running downhill can tack on a further 70 metres in altitude at the highest point of the trail and finish their run at the Corviglia top station.

Piz Nair Grand Tour

Anyone wishing to shorten the long trail on the Piz Nair is best advised to start and finish at the Corviglia top station. This will cut out around half of the ascent and the kilometres run – but the most impressive sections of the trail around the Piz Nair will continue to be included.

Suvretta Loop

If you want to shorten the long and hard Suvretta Loop a bit, start at the mountain station Corviglia and finish the tour at the mountain station Signal. This saves 5 kilometres and 450 metres in altitude. The running time is reduced to about 5 hours 20 minutes.

Corviglia Attack

The most beautiful part of this trail starts on Corviglia. Runners wishing to conserve their energy and not make their way up from the valley independently can use the cableway to whisk them up to 2488 metres a.s.l. – enabling them to tackle the technically challenging Trais-Fluors trail whilst still fresh. This will still leave a distance of 10 kilometres to be tackled and a 600 metre climb to be overcome. The running time will become reduced to 2 hours and 10 minutes.

Piz Nair Vertical Run

Ambitious runners can run from St. Moritz village up to Piz Nair and climb over 1200 meters in one go. The running course leads from the village centre (1822 m above sea level) via the Corviglia mountain station up to Piz Nair (3057 m above sea level) and offers sporting challenges as well as a spectacular view of the Upper Engadine on arrival.

The mountain railways offer the possibility of handing in your luggage (rucksack, sports bag) at the bottom station of the funicular railway in St. Moritz Dorf. This is then transported to the Piz Nair and can be taken back at the top. So you can enjoy the view from the mountain restaurant in dry clothes.