Bahnentour Engadin St. Moritz

The enduro experience for mountain bikers in the Engadin

The Engadin St. Moritz "Bahnentour" (cable-car tour) tour is one of the most attractive enduro tours for mountain bikers. This 'Bahnentour' will take you across lots of single trails on Corviglia and down from Piz Nair. Taking in the Suvretta Pass, the Trais-Fluors Trail as well as the Olympia Flow Trail, this tour gives you three impressive highlights.

Engadin St. Moritz cable-car tour facts:

  • Distance: 71 km
  • Downhill: 6315 m descent
  • Uphill: 635 m climb
  • Cable car conveyances: 7
  • Single trail proportion: over 90%


Seven different single trail runs will be covered on a single day, 'conquering' almost 6400 metres downhill. Our numerous cable cars around the Corviglia and Piz Nair regions will be used for the ascents. Anyone wanting to explore the limits of what is physically possible will try to cover the entire route in a single day. Divvying up the tour over two days however will make the entire ride much more relaxed.

The tour will place exacting demands on riding techniques. A safe and competent riding style on sometimes difficult Alpine trails will be required. The tour demands you to be on the move for the entire day and, even on the final descent, full concentration remains essential. A high level of fitness is also key to being able to master the Engadin St. Moritz cable-car tour.

Combination with Piz Nair sunrise

The Piz Nair sunrise is an extraordinary experience. At the crack of dawn, cable cars will take the participants to the summit of Piz Nair where the impressive Engadin sunrise can be experienced. The restaurant will already be open and will serve a sumptuous breakfast buffet to the participants. Then, in the morning light, the guided bike tour will set off from the summit of Piz Nair. The combination of these two offers makes for an unforgettable experience.

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