Skill Park and Pump Track

Biking needs to be learnt. How to prepare properly for flow trails.

Signalbahn pump track

A pump track is the perfect place for mountain bikers to improve their riding techniques. A track’s many turns and waves will teach you how to keep your bike under control. To go even faster, simply use the turns and waves to accelerate more effectively, rather than pedalling hard all the time. If it weren't so exhausting, you could easily spend hours and hours completing circuits on pump tracks.

The modular pump track on the car park of the Signalbahn cableway in St. Moritz Bad is provided by the Engadin St. Moritz Ski Service and is open to the public at any time. Please note that a helmet must be worn at all times when using the track; protectors are also recommended. If you don’t have the right bike, you can simply hire one directly from the bike shop which also hires out scooters and protectors. There is a small bike skills park right next to the pump track on which you can put your riding skills to the test and also prepare yourself for the flow trails on Corviglia.

Corviglia bike skills park

The small bike skills park next to the quattro BAR at the Corviglia mountain station is the ideal place for mountain bikers to practice braking, cornering and overcoming obstacles. Mastery here then allows nothing to stand in the way of an unforgettable day on our flow trails.

Please note: The use of the bike skills park is at your own risk. The operators of the facility decline all liability. In the event of an accident, please telephone 114 immediately for assistance.

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