The 5 most beautiful MTB tours on Corviglia

These 5 mountain bike tours are an absolute must on a visit to Engadin St. Moritz. They can also be easily combined with one another:

Corviglia Flow Trails

Go with the flow – this tour links all three flow trails on Corviglia. The ascent to the trails can easily be done by mountain cableways.

Val Schlattain

The tour through the Val Schlattain begins on the Piz Nair, at 3,057 metres above sea level, the highest point of the Corviglia ski and mountain bike terrain. The ascent is easy by mountain cableway, but the descent is quite a challenge. Surrounded by the spectacular, rugged mountain landscape around Piz Nair, the trail leads to a technically demanding single Alpine trail through the Val Schlattain and via the gorgeous natural Lej Alv reservoir to the Corviglia top station.

Trais Fluors

This tour begins at the Corviglia top station with a gentle climb to the beautiful natural Lej Alv reservoir. The trail then becomes trickier and the climb steeper until you reach the “Trais Fluors”, the “three flowers” rock formation, visible from the valley below. This is the highest point of the tour. Now all the fun of the descent begins. A bit rough at first, then increasingly smooth and flowing down to Alp Muntatsch, where a lovely forest trail leads down to Bever –a tour almost exclusively along trails.

From Bever, take the Rhaetian Railway or ride your bike through the valley back to Celerina and St. Moritz. This tour can also start from Piz Nair by following the trail down through the Val Schlattain to the Lez Alv.


An quite easy but very varied tour starting at the Corviglia top station with a very long descent through the wonderful Val Bever.

From Bever, you can travel in comfort aboard the Rhaetian Railway or by bike along the valley back to Celerina and St. Moritz.

Val Suvretta da Murezzan

This is the most technically challenging of our top 5. It starts on Piz Nair and ends at the valley station of the Signalbahn in St. Moritz Bad. In between, mountain bikers can expect tricky Alpine trails which require considerable mastery of bike skills and, for afters, the Foppettas flow trail.

Warning: On these trails, you will find yourself in Alpine terrain. There may be snow on the trails even in high summer. You should also be aware that weather conditions can change very rapidly and you can experience unexpected thunderstorms at any time. If anything goes wrong, the route down into the valley is usually several kilometers long so you should be well prepared for this tour. Always carry water-proof clothing, food and drink, tools, a pump, replacement inner tubes and, ideally, a small first-aid kit.

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Piz Nair Sunrise

Be the first at the top and enjoy the sunrise from Piz Nair.

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