White Carpet - freshly prepared slopes

Be the first on the piste: from 7.45 am the lifts bring early birds up to seventh heaven.

This thrilling experience costs nothing – other than a little willpower. But it’s well worth the early rise to catch the first lift at 7.45 am. Hardly anyone is up, and you stroll straight onto the gondola or cable car, just as the sun is starting to peep shyly over the snow-capped ridge. Soon after eight, you’re at the summit – the pinnacle of snowy pleasure. In front of you stretch freshly prepared pistes, and all the room in the world to carve to your heart’s content.

Opening hours  
Aerial Cable Car St. Moritz Bad - Signal 7.50 am
Funicular St. Moritz Dorf - Chantarella 7.50 am
Chairlift Suvretta - Randolins 7.45 am
Chairlift Salastrains 8.00 am
Funicular Chantarella - Corviglia 7.45 am
Gondola lift Marguns 7.45 am
Chairlift Plateau Nair 8.00 am
Chairlift Trais Fluors 8.00 am

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