With the Mountys on Corviglia


If you know the Mountys, you can experience something! Of course, only things that are fun and enjoyable for young and old alike. Because Mo the ibex, Edy the marmot, Luna the snow bunny and Alvi the water dragon know exactly what families should discover on Corviglia. So let's get up to the Mountys mountain!


Parents watch out! The Mountys have put their "approved by" stamp on everything that guarantees fun and action for kids & co. So keep your eyes peeled for lots of great family adventures, with Mountys' word of honor!


"Welcome to the Upper Engadin and to our home, the mountains of Corviglia. There are so many great things to experience here, so we don't waste much time. The most important thing can be said quickly: we are best friends, we've been through thick and thin together and have had many an adventure together.

So that you can get to know us better, there's even a Mountys fun and puzzle booklet with lots of - psst! - insider tips inside. You can actually find them everywhere: for example in the restaurants on Corviglia or at the cable car ticket offices. And otherwise just ask for it. See you soon and best wishes - or as we say in the Engadin: "A bainbod e chers salüds!"


Hobbies: Theme trails in summer and tobogganing in winter
Favorite subject: Arithmetic and languages
What I would like to be: Cable car mechatronics engineer

"If you think I'm a scaredy-cat, you're wrong. I'm very quick and agile. That's practical, especially because I always set off at the last minute. I like learning and trying out new things. I'm the only one in the clique who has a summer and a winter outfit. Edy, my best friend, rarely gets to see my beautiful white winter coat because he usually sleeps in winter."


Hobbies: Swimming in summer and making snow angels in winter
Favorite subject: Natural history and physics
What I want to be when I grow up: Pistenbully driver

"I'm not originally from here, but when I was at the Lej Alv natural reservoir for the first time, I knew that this would be my new home! I stayed and made friends for life. They also gave me the name Alvi because I didn't have my own yet. Organizing is my thing - preferably adventures and birthday parties."


Hobbies: Hiking and scootering in summer and mostly sleeping in winter 
Favorite subject: Drawing and singing
What I would like to be: A chef

"What I like most about the Engadin are the delicious nut tarts made by Jürg, the chef from Marguns - I always eat enough of them so that I'm optimally prepared for hibernation. When my friends have an adventure mission, I always call them together because I have the loudest whistle of all. I'm also there for them during my hibernation. Can you keep a secret? I like Luna very much."


Hobbies: Trail running in summer and skiing in winter
Favorite subject: Sport and geography
What I want to be when I grow up: SOS patroller

"Mo is my name, and I always have an overview of my circle of friends, partly because I know the mountains best of all. I protect my friends and take on all tasks that require a little more courage and strength. My passion is the steep slopes of Piz Nair. Whether on foot or on skis. I'm at the top of every ski race."

Important Information

The mountain bike trails and hiking paths starting at the Piz Nair mountain station are partly snow covered.

The hiking trail between Munt da San Murezzan and Suvretta Pass is closed, due to the increased risk of rockfall. There is an alternative route for the "Suvretta Loop" mountain bike route via Fuorcla Schlattain.