Mountain adventure

Enjoy your mountain adventure on the Engadin high plateau

The Engadin mountains are among the most beautiful destinations in Switzerland. Indeed, the mountains here are higher, the flora and fauna more diverse, the sun brighter and more frequent and the mountain sports available almost limitless. It’s the ‘wow!’ effect and the locals are able to enjoy their entire lives, making them proud inhabitants of this region. It’s also the happiness they feel whenever tourists rave about the mountains here. And it’s the unique history, one that includes the birth of winter tourism here in St. Moritz. There’s so much to experience here, winter and summer. Muottas Muragl for instance boasts the most beautiful views of the Engadin lake plateau. Diavolezza is surrounded by a world of glaciers and the Bernina Massif and the Corviglia is arguably the world’s best known skiing mountain.

Too good to be true? See for yourself and be enchanted!


Snow and meadows, hiking boots vs ski boots – the Corviglia is the sports mountain bar none!



The Diavolezza is the place that’s shaped by the might of Nature’s forces and best showcases the picturesque beauty of the Alps.


Muottas muragl

Inspiration, art, and enjoyment: It’s the creative streak and a place of rest and relaxation, ideal for enjoying a spot of idleness.