Foppettas Flow Trail

Corviglia’s unique flow trails turn every mountain biker into a wave rider.

Travel in comfort by cable car from Signal to the Corviglia, St. Moritz’s local mountain at 3056 metres above sea level. A short pit stop at the new Quattro Bar is certainly worthwhile, if only for the fantastic panoramic views of the surrounding 4000 m peaks and the Bernina Range. It’s also a great way to acclimatise as next up is a short but steep ramp up to the Alpina Hut and then the crossing of a gravel track to get to Munt da San Murezzan. The point at which the trail to the Suvretta Pass begins is an ideal spot to admire the start schuss for the men’s downhill, which is down the slope to the right. The trail from the Suvretta Pass down through the Val Suvretta da San Murezzan is a highlight for those who love a technical challenge and engaging with high-alpine terrain. The choice of which line to take can also be explored to excess here. The gravel track from Alp Suvretta offers a brief opportunity to get your pulse back under control before finishing off by taking the Foppettas Flow Trail through the forest above Champfèr, a unique combination of waves and turns – it doesn’t get more fun than this!

Requirements: The flow trails on the Corviglia are not suitable for complete beginners. Riders should have some experience of biking on uneven terrain. Generally speaking, your typical flow trail user will be in good physical condition, have complete control of his or her bike (i.e. be able to brake, switch gears and steer with purpose at all times), and show consideration for others. Bikers are also well aware that helmets need to be worn on all trails at all times.

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