Pumptrack Cuntschett

Pontresina has its very own pump track, near the railway station, ideal for testing and improving your bike skills.

A pump track is the perfect place for improving your biking technique. With its many turns and waves it’s a great way to learn how to keep control of your bike. To go even faster, simply use the turns and waves to accelerate more effectively, rather than pedalling hard all the time. It’s so much fun you could do laps for hours on the pump tracks – if only it wasn’t so exhausting...

The Pontresina pump track is suitable for riders of all ages and offers countless variations over a total track length of 350 m. Some 200 cm3 of concrete went into building the pump track, which is open daily from May to October. The concrete surface provides lots of grip and very little rolling friction, guaranteeing high speeds. The track is off-limits to mountain bikers and skaters in snowy conditions as part of the track is then prepared for cross-country skiers. While no specialist knowledge is needed to use the pump track, the necessary protectors must be worn at all times, i.e. helmet, knee protectors, gloves, etc.

Bikes and protective clothing are available for hire from the Pontresina Sports bike shop opposite the pump track.