Pumptrack @ Signalbahn

Modular pump track and skill park located right next to the valley station of the Signalbahn cableway.

A pump track is the perfect place for improving your biking technique. With its many turns and waves it’s a great way to learn how to keep control of your bike. To go even faster, simply use the turns and waves to accelerate more effectively, rather than pedalling hard all the time. It’s so much fun you could do laps for hours on the pump tracks – if only it wasn’t so exhausting.

The modular pump track provided by the Engadin St. Moritz Ski Service is open to the public at any time. Please note that protectors must be worn at all times when using the track. And if you don’t have the right bike, just rent one straight from the bike shop, which also hires out scooters and protectors. Located right next to the pump track is a small skill park for you to test your riding skills and warm up for the flow trails, too.