Skill Park Corviglia

Getting ready for the flow trails

You will really get to grips with your bike in the Skill Park Corviglia as you practice braking, cornering and overcoming obstacles. With your enhanced techniques and balance, you will enjoy an unforgettable day out on the flow trails on Corviglia.

To ensure that everyone has a good time, please note the following:

1. Be tolerant and considerate:
Always look ahead and be mindful of what the other riders are doing. Only stop alongside the trail. If you crash your bike, clear the trail as soon as possible.

2. Leave no traces:
Leave no waste behind, and use the rubbish bins.

3. Be properly equipped:
It is mandatory to wear a helmet. We also recommend that you wear gloves and protectors.

4. If an accident occurs, call immediately for help on 114.

You use the Skill Park at your own risk. The operators of this facility do not accept any liability. We wish you plenty of fun and accident-free riding.


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