World Championship Flow Trail

Do it like a World Champion!

Most of the World Championship Trail follows the legendary slope that has hosted three World Ski Championships since 1974, making it a terrain that is steeped in history yet accessible to everyone on the Corviglia. This unique run with its 360° turn offers pure adrenaline (in fact, it’s used every winter as a piste for the women’s World Cup races) and stands out by virtue of its breathtaking panorama and countless challenging turns.

The World Championship Flow Trail begins at the Corviglia mountain station and winds its way down to the spectacular 360° turn, followed by a fast flowing downhill pump-track that has been harmoniously integrated into the surrounding landscape. A total of 280 metres of difference in altitude are covered along the trail, which runs from the mountain station via Alp Giop towards the Trutz Hut.

And yet the World Championship Flow Trail is by no means the exclusive preserve of downhill fanatics: it can also be enjoyed by the whole mountain biking family, providing everyone knows how to deal with turns. Passionate Flow Trail riders also have the option of using the Corviglia cableway to transport their mountain bikes from St. Moritz Dorf to Corviglia. The World Championship Flow Trail can also be wonderfully combined with the Foppettas Flow Trail. So many turns, it deserves a medal!

Requirements: The flow trails on the Corviglia are not suitable for complete beginners. Riders should have some experience of biking on uneven terrain. Generally speaking, your typical flow trail user will be in good physical condition, have complete control of his or her bike (i.e. be able to brake, switch gears and steer with purpose at all times), and show consideration for others. Bikers are also well aware that helmets need to be worn on all trails at all times.

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