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The Rocky Mountain Trail Games

Fun on the Trail for 2 and 3-person teams.

The Rocky Mountain Trail Games will come back from August 10 - 12, 2018 - we're already looking forward to it!

The second staging of the Rocky Mountain Trail Games is in the books and was a big success. With 108 participants competing in different challenges, spread over three days and eleven stages, everyone left the Engadine with a big smile on the face. Even the varying weather conditions couldn't stop the riders from having a great time. We are now already looking forward to next years' event! More reports will follow soon.

Alll the pictures and videos can be found on the Facebook page of the Rocky Mountain Trail Games.

What are the Rocky Mountain Trail Games?

The Rocky Mountain Trail Games are a new form of MTB event in which various special tests have to be completed on time while on a circuit. It is important to note that this is not a "classic" enduro race in which one has to proceed as fast as possible with each special test (known as a stage). Although the Trail Games do include special tests, each of these tests consists of various tasks and targets that have to be fulfilled. In addition, the event is only for teams: Teams of 2 or 3 people will have to work together in order to fulfil these tasks.

One day through the eyes of the team #oliverandangelika

The exact tasks to be completed will be annonced to the participants during an on-site briefing. These basically comprise the following:

  1. Catch the time: Score as closely as possible to an exact predetermined time (similar to a regularity rally)
  2. Second Chance: Ride for a second time on a stage in order to achieve a better time (individually and/or as a team)
  3. Enduro Team: Ride a stage together, and the slowest rider’s time to reach the finish is recorded.
  4. Enduro Classic: Here it is a rider’s best time on a stage that counts.
  5. Need to repeat: Twice on one stage, try to achieve the same time as closely as possible (individuals/team)
  6. Find your way: Ride along a certain route on a transfer section while passing checkpoints
  7. Pumptrack Challenge: Score a good time along a pumptrack (points are deducted for pedal revolutions)

At the end of each day on the trails comes the exciting part at the finish: finding out just how well and in which areas the team performed! For this is when the points are awarded. Then afterwards you can relax at the "Alto Bar" on Chantarella and ruminate on the events of the day. This event site on Chantarella has a unique aspect – as you sit some two hundred altitude metres above the valley floor it is like being on an oversized viewing terrace. Socialising is also an important feature of the Trail Games. This includes the shared barbecue for the Friday or the Saturday evening menu, as well the opportunity to see out each day at the bar, and the great award ceremony on Sunday when the most complete teams receive their trophies and valuable non-cash prizes.

Starter package
The starting fee includes the following:

  • Mountain railways ticket for 3 days (Fri-Sun)
  • Time measurement for all necessary special tests
  • Welcome package incl. bike map for the region and useful extras
  • Personal starting number
  • Dinner on two nights
  • Sportsman’s lunch on Saturday
  • Personal immediate result printout at the finish
  • Results list
  • Top-quality non-cash prizes

Detailed prices for next years' event will follow soon.

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