Mountain adventures on Diavolezza

Outdoor activities in the high alpine area.

An earthly paradise at altitude: the Diavolezza is the place that’s shaped by the might of Nature’s forces and best showcases the picturesque beauty of the Alps. It’s also the place where Piz Bernina soars up to 4049 metres while clusters of gentian grow out of the rocks. It’s a place guaranteed to give you goose bumps: surrounded by glaciers and a high-alpine landscape the Diavolezza has stories to tell about the early days of mountaineering and alpine skiing – and of course there’s also the saga of the mountain demon that gave the mountain its name.

These countless tales go back to the 19th century, to a time when the first attempts were made to climb Piz Palü. Dare-devil mountaineers would venture off on tours that frequently proved fatal. By 1930 there were also glacier races, with up to 300 competitors signing up to take part in the breakneck competition. The cable car began operating in 1956 and, from 1960 to 1988, the Firn chair lift made it possible for skiers to ski in summer, too. In 2004 the two ski areas of Diavolezza and Lagalb were finally linked by a connecting slope and a beginners’ lift.

Ski tours

Ski tours are one of the most wonderful ways of experiencing snowsports, whether at your own initiative or with a professional guide.



Sink into the deep snow, feel the glistening powdered snow on your face, and claim that moment just for yourself.


High-alpine skiing

The Diavolezza’s firn pistes offer outstanding conditions from mid-October right through to mid-May.



A variety of routes do-able only with crampons, pickaxes and ropes are certain to set the pulse of any climber racing.


Glacier hiking

Immerse yourself in a fascinating world of glaciers as five billion tonnes of ice slowly inch their way towards the valley over a distance of 12 km.


High-alpine hiking

Hiking and trekking in the ‘grand hall of the Alps’.