Freeriding on Diavolezza

Feel the glistening powdered snow on your face and enjoy freeriding

Sink into the deep snow, feel the glistening powdered snow on your face, and claim that moment just for yourself. It’s a sensation experienced snowsports enthusiasts can enjoy on the Diavolezza and Lagalb, with countless opportunities to be the first to ski down pristine terrain.

To make sure all that fun doesn’t come to a sudden end, it’s important to check the avalanche transceiver (LVS) at the checkpoint right next to the Diavolezza mountain station and the Lagalb mountain station. If it’s not beeping or flashing, it’s either in the Off state or there’s something wrong with the LVS. If you’re uncertain, the people at the Go Vertical Shop at the Diavolezza valley station are more than happy to help.

100% untouched powder – what freerider hasn’t dreamt of conditions such as these? And in the freerider paradise of Diavolezza and Lagalb, the chances of experiencing that total powder rush away from the marked slopes and the safety nets are particularly high. Especially if you’re out and about with one of the experienced Go Vertical mountain guides. It’s the ideal way of experiencing the greatest gullies and deep-snow downhill sections safely – you can even rent all the equipment you need.

Freeride tour Val Arlas on Diavolezza
Val Arlas Tour

Total freedom in the perennial snow: the classic among ski tours.