Mountaineering on Diavolezza

Various mountaineering routes only for experienced mountaineers

You never forget ascending Piz Palü (3900 m), considered one of the great treasure troves of the Alps, if only because the glorious sensation of summiting requires a good deal of endurance and skill. In any case the two via ferratas – Piz Trovat I (simple variant) and Piz Trovat II (advanced variant) – are only for those with a head for heights, a sure footing, and good physical condition. The Piz Trovat II via ferrata in particular, with K5-6 level of difficulty, demands a lot of strength and stamina. Once you reach the summit at 3146 metres – whether via Route I or II – you’ll be rewarded with sensational panoramic views of the Pers Glacier, the highest mountains in the eastern Alps, and the icy peaks of the Bernina Massif.

Mountaineering pros also have the opportunity of going all out on the Diavolezza Express on Piz Cambrena or experiencing the thrills of high-alpine mountaineering on the tour to the Munt Pers ‘Senda dal Diavel’.

Piz Trovat I via ferrata

500 steps to seventh heaven: a simple climbing experience with breathtaking views.

Mountaineer on the via ferrata Piz Trovat
Piz Trovat II via ferrata

The demanding alternative of the via ferrata has plenty of challenges in store even for experienced mountaineers.

Diavolezza Express on Piz Cambrena

Above the stunning Pers Glacier: climbing training with a view, for pros.