Audio Tour, Snow Climb Point & Photo Spot glacier

Perennial ice and snow.

The Diavolezza mountain station stands proud at some 3000 metres above sea level. And from the Berghaus viewing platform there are stunning views of the Pers and Morteratsch Glacier tongues stretching out before you. Turn to the other side, i.e. towards Lagalb, and you’ll discover the Diavolezza’s firn pistes, which over the summer months are protected and preserved from the rays of the sun with a special covering. Not that the Diavolezza has always been as accessible as it is today. The early days of mountaineering and high-alpine skiing were marked by countless pioneers who lost their lives out on the mountain, and in the glacier crevasses in particular. The audio tour available on the Diavolezza tells their story, helping to keep them alive to this day.

Bernina Glaciers App

Diavolezza Audio Tour

Embark on a journey into the eventful history of the Diavolezza with Flurin, our fictional mountaineer, as part of the audio app produced by Bernina Glaciers. Join Flurin as he takes listeners interested in history on a journey into the Diavolezza’s past. With his guests in tow he journeys back to the 19th century, to a time when the first attempts were made to climb Piz Palü and Piz Bernina. He also has stories to tell of exciting glacier races, of the founding years of the first cable car in 1956, and the building of the Firn chair lift.

Snow Climb Point

For active and sportive guests keen to know what it feels like to be genuine mountaineer, there is now a snow mound for them to climb, complete with Swiss flag flying from its summit. Climb the five metre mound and stand next to the Swiss flag to pose for the summiteer’s commemorative photo – with the panorama of the Bernina Range of mountains in the background included for free.

Virtual Panorama Photo Spot

Guests can use the photo point at the Diavolezza valley station to create a summit snapshot in postcard format. A special feature, not to say eye-catcher, is the integrated ibex, a species characteristic of the region. Thanks to the hashtag station on the Diavolezza you can print out the image as a postcard and send it there and then at the Berghaus Diavolezza.

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