Ibex Paradise Pontresina

Welcome to an idyll for ibex and hikers alike!

Around 1'700 ibex cannot be wrong: in the mountains around Pontresina, the Grisons' heraldic animal feels especially content. Nature-loving guests are invited to explore these entertainingly blissful conditions in the ibex paradise Pontresina. Come spring, when the grass in the valley grows lush and green, dozens of ibex graze right next to Pontresina's ibex Promenade. On this buggy-friendly path, you can familiarise yourself with the ibex through the concise information provided along the trail. The ibex Gallery on Alp Languard offers comprehensive stories on these stunning animals. Right next to the mountain restaurant Alp Languard, an entertaining children's playground awaits young climbing enthusiasts. Here, you will be spoiled by your choices: picking a more challenging trip to one of the surrounding mountain huts or deciding to walk the Paradise Circular Tour to reach the Paradis Hut.

Alp Languard – Paradis Hut – Pontresina

On the ibex trail, from Alp Languard to Pontresina.

Muottas Muragl panoramic map

Overview of the Muottas Muragl excursion area.