Muottas Muragl panoramic map

Overview of the Muottas Muragl excursion area

The panoramic map provides an overview of the Muottas Muragl excursion area with its toboggan run and winter hiking trails. The map itself is available as a free leaflet at the Muottas Muragl valley station as well as all the hotels throughout the Engadin.

Art on the mountain

Enjoy art on the mountain with perfect panoama views!

Winter hiking on Muottas Muragl
Winter hiking

Slow movement on Muottas Muragl: Winter hiking on 2456 m.o.s.l.

Hikers doing a snow show hiking tour on Muottas Muragl
Snowshoe hike

Prospects for romantics-at-heart are excellent along this trail – particularly in the evening light.