Alp Languard – Paradis Hut – Pontresina

On the ibex trail, from Alp Languard to Pontresina.

This easy tour starts by taking the chairlift up to Alp Languard (2326m/7631ft). From here, the trail leads through the Val Languard. Do not forget to take a pair of binoculars with you, because there is plenty to see in the valley, such as marmots sunbathing and, if you are lucky, even ibexes, which have been reintroduced here on Piz Albris (3166m/10387ft). The route follows the course of the stream, which ends at a fork in the trail almost at the end of the valley. You can reward yourself for the climb up to the Paradis hut (2540m/8333ft) with one of the heavenly cakes served there. After this delicious pick-me-up, the trail takes you along the crest and past some wonderful viewpoints opening out onto the magnificent Bernina Massif. From the treeline, the zigzag forest trail - which is named after Prof. C.W. Röntgen, the inventor of the x-ray - descends again towards Pontresina. The hike ends beside the two cultural highlights of Saint Mary's Church and the Spaniola Tower. If you do not fancy a steep descent, you can take the chairlift back to the valley.

Tour dates  
Distance 6.9 km
Ascent 223 m
Duration 2.5 h
Max. altitude 2540 above sea level
Region Samedan, Pontresina
Starting point Pontresina, Alp Languard chairlift valley station
Places along the route Pontresina - Alp Languard - Paradis hut - Röntgenweg - Giarsun - Pontresina