Muottas Muragl climate trail

Where Segantini drew his inspiration – and climate change has had an impact.

It has already established itself as an absolute classic - and a hike of medium difficulty that can be shortened or prolonged at whim thanks to the Muottas Muragl funicular railway and the Languard chairlift. The varied trail is clearly marked and offers a stunning view of the Bernina massif, particularly from the Segantini hut. The famous artist spent a lot of time painting here, and it was also here that he died. Climate Trail: Eighteen themed information panels help visitors to understand climate change and explain the changes to the sensitive Alpine environment that are already apparent. The retreating permafrost just above the mountaineering village of Pontresina is one clear example, with dry walling, dams and further construction efforts serving to protect the village from mudslides, falling debris and rock falls. From the top station, it is an easy walk down to the valley. After crossing the Ova da Muragl, where the trail branches off the steepish, stony path winds its way up onto the Schafberg. When you arrive, breathless, at the summit, you are greeted by a breathtaking vista. Just a few metres more in altitude bring you to the Chamanna Segantini, where there are numerous culinary treats to help you regain your strength. Duly fortified, you now follow the hiking trail down towards the avalanche protection barriers. At the fork beneath the jagged peaks of «las Sours», the narrow, partly exposed trail leads in an easterly direction along the slope. After the short secured section of the trail, at the next fork follow the Climate Trail across the steep flank and stretches of grass to the top station of the Alp Languard chairlift, where you can pause for another snack.

Tour dates  
Distance 6.4 km
Ascent 355 m
Duration 2.5 h
Max. altitude 2731 above sea level
Region Samedan, Pontresina
Starting point Muottas Muragl, mountain station
Places along the route Muottas Muragl - Margun - Ova da Muragl - Chamanna Segantini - Alp Languard
Variants If you want to avoid the exposed sections, you can leave the Climate Trail at the first fork after the Chamanna Segantini and follow the trail to the Lower Schafberg, where it is an easy hike along the high-altitude route.