Audi Ski Run

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Three, two, one, GO! The Audi Ski Run on the Corviglia will get skiers’ and snowboarders’ adrenaline pumping. On the around 400m long, permanently marked giant slalom course, light barriers measure the racing times to 1/100th of a second. Fully automatic cameras along the edge of the piste record the pursuit of new record times from the start right down to the finish line. Afterwards, the video with a message of greeting from Audi brand ambassador Lara Gut, can be directly downloaded onto the Internet and shared with friends via social networks such as Facebook, Twitter or YouTube. An original starting hut formerly used at Ski World Cup events gives rise to an authentic competition ambience right from the beginning. A display board shows the current best time of the day, so that racers know what time they need to beat. The time measurement is activated as soon as the skier or snowboarder passes the light barrier. After 12 gates, they can head for the final, wide curve into the finish area, covering the last few metres in a crouch position.

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