Getting here by plane

Flight connections and shuttle services direct to the Engadin.

Friedrichshafen Airport Shuttle
Friedrichshafen operates a convenient shuttle service between Friedrichshafen and St. Moritz (mini-bus to Klosters, then Rhaetian Railway from Klosters). The shuttle runs daily, approx. 30 minutes after the arrival of each RyanAir flight from London Stansted. For more information and reservations see Graubünden Express.

Engadin Airport
Engadin Airport operates flights to the international airports in Zurich, Geneva, Basel, Milan and Munich. There are also air taxi links with many other national and international destinations.

Fly Rail Baggage
Your baggage can be sent from any airport via Zurich or Geneva Airport to the railway station of your choice in the Engadin. It means you can then travel in comfort to the Engadin and your baggage is automatically transported to your destination.

For your return journey from the Engadin you can have your baggage expedited to the airport for a fee of CHF 20 per item. Then simply collect your baggage from the airport SBB counter before departure (Airport Baggage Service). Travellers from abroad should make enquiries in their countries of origin to find out the best offers for baggage transport to other countries.