Lifts & hiking trails on Corviglia

Here you’ll find all the lifts and hiking trails on Corviglia so you can plan your perfect day out on the mountains.

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Corviglia / Piz Nair

Status Type Name Condition
Celerina-Marguns in service
Chantarella-Corviglia in service
Corviglia-Piz Nair in service
St.Moritz Bad-Signal in service
St.Moritz Dorf-Chantarella in service
Suvretta-Randolins in service
Trais Fluors

Muottas Muragl

Status Type Name Condition
Muottas Muragl in service

Corviglia / Piz Nair

Status Type No. Name Condition
Schellenursliweg no information


  • Gondola
  • Aerial Cable Car
  • Funicular
  • Chairlift
  • Hiking trail