Sustainable holiday at 2,456 metres

The sustainable, responsible use of resources is the basis for our daily work, because the impressive nature on Muottas Muragl is the foundation for our unique offer in the Romantik Hotel and for the varied mountain experience at 2,456 metres. In 2010, our hotel was awarded the title of the first plus-energy hotel in the Alps. But we also rely on ecological and sustainable methods in our daily work - for example in cleaning. 

Ecological cleaning with micro dry steam

Thanks to the Medicleantec Micro Cleaner, we clean in a particularly environmentally friendly way at the Romantik Hotel Muottas Muragl - only with water, completely without chemicals or aggressive cleaning agents and 100% hygienically. How does it work? With the Medicleantec's micro dry steam: The Micro Cleaner is a high-performance heat cleaning device and works with very dry micro steam (only 5-8% water content) to achieve residue-free, hygienic cleanliness on all surfaces and materials.

Why does the Micro Cleaner clean more efficiently with its special micro steam?

  • With conventional cleaning, dirt residues remain in the pores, which means that surfaces are never completely clean. After some time, a basic dirt builds up, which is all the more difficult to remove (example: kitchen grease on the floor and extractor bonnet or residues in sanitary facilities).
  • The advantages of micro-dry steam are minimal surface tension, excellent creeping ability - even under crusty dirt and into the smallest surface structures - and fast, streak-free drying. The heat of the micro-dry steam also ensures a disinfecting effect.

The micro dry steam is generated in the Micro Cleaner with over 9 bars of pressure and more than 180°C of heat. Thus, the dry steam has a water content of approx. 5-8 percent. With this high quality steam, consisting of tiny steam molecules (no water droplets), we clean even sensitive surfaces such as upholstered furniture, carpets, leather, wood and plastics effortlessly and sustainably in our operations. The materials are dry again in a very short time afterwards. With just 2-3 litres of water, we can completely clean a floor area of 100 m² to 150 m², for example.

Spend the night in a plus-energy hotel

As part of a comprehensive renovation, the Romantik Hotel Muottas Muragl was awarded the status of the first PlusEnergy Hotel in the Alps in 2010. Besides constructing the building according to the principles and requirements of the Swiss "Minergie" ecological label, this project went one step further. Although the surface area of the building was extended from 1,700 sq. metres to 2,700 sq. metres, despite the 50% increase in size, it was possible to reduce the energy consumption by 64%, from 436,000 kWh/a to 157,400 kWh/a.

Hot water is obtained by means of solar energy produced by the 56 sq. metres of pipe solar collectors installed in the glass window panes in the basement. Sixteen thermal loops with an average length of 200 metres, making 3,200 metres in total, supply the entire building with geothermal energy. In addition, all the necessary electricity is generated by the most efficient photovoltaic system in Switzerland, extending 228 metres along the railway line. Any excess of solar energy is stored in the ground via the thermal loops, thus regenerating the geothermal mass. The recovery of the waste heat from the cooling units, exhaust air and the machine room are further measures to transform the new building into a sustainable and environmentally-friendly enterprise that, taken over the entire year, even produces more energy than it actually needs.

Thanks to this forward-looking energy concept, the Romantik Hotel Muottas Muragl has been presented with the Swiss Solar Award 2011, as well as a number of other highly renowned environmental and tourism awards. On request we offer free guided tours for groups of at least five persons with a special focus on the new energy concept: Flyer with tour details.