Discover Corviglia with the Mountys

Mountys - The Corviglia Gang

Do you already know the Mountys? Mo the ibex, Edy the marmot, Luna the snow rabbit and Alvi the water dragon are best friends and have already experienced loads of mountain adventures together on Corviglia.

In the new Mountys puzzle magazine, the lively clique takes children on an exciting journey from Marguns, over to Lej Alv and up to Piz Nair. In a playful way, the Mountys give the youngest guests an insight into the mountain experience on Corviglia. 

The Mountys puzzle magazine is available free of charge in our Corviglia restaurants

«We are happy to see that you’ve found your way to us in the Engadin. We look forward to showing you our new home, the mountains of Corviglia with all the fun mountain experiences of the Engadin St. Moritz Mountains.

Do you already know us? We’re best friends and we’ve gone through thick and thin together. Oh, what adventures we’ve had! We’ll be happy to tell you our stories one bit at a time. In the meantime, you can get to know us better in our puzzle magazine where we've put together some great games and even let you in on our secret and skiing tips. See you soon and all the best to you – or as we say here in the Engadin: A bainbod e chers salüds» 


Hobbies: Hiking the theme trails during summer and sledding during winter
Favorite subjects: Maths and languages
What I would like to be one day: Ski Lift Maintenance Technician

«If you think I’m a scaredy-cat, then you are mistaken. I’m very quick and nimble. Those are very useful skills because I’m always in a bit of a rush. I enjoy learning and trying out new things. I’m the only one of the gang who wears a summer and a winter robe. Unfortunately, my best friend Edy rarely gets to see my beautiful white fur because he mostly sleeps through the winter.»



Hobbies: Hiking as well as scootering during summer and, of course, mostly sleeping during winter
Favorite subjects: Drawing and singing
What I would like to be one day: Chef

«What I like most about the Engadin are our Engadin nut tarts made by Jürg, our chef of Marguns – I always eat enough of them so that I am perfectly prepared for hibernation. When my friends are on a mission, I’m always the one to call them together because I can whistle the loudest of them all. Even during my hibernation, I’m there for them. Can you keep a secret? I think I really like Luna.»



Hobbies: Trail running during summerand skiing during winter
Favorite subjects: Sports and geography
What I would like to be one day: To become part of the ski patrol team

«Mo is my name and, because I know the mountains best of all, I’m the one who always looks out for danger in order to protect my friends. I also take on all the tasks that require a little more courage and strength. Be it on foot or with skis – I love steep slopes, especially the slopes running down from Piz Nair! At every ski race, I keep up among the very best.»



Hobbies: Swimming during summer and making snowangels during winter
Favorite subjects: Natural history and physics
What I would like to be one day: Snow Groomer Operator

«I’m not originally from here, but when I came to the Lej Alv reservoir for the first time, I just knew that this would be my new home! I stayed and have made friends for life. They also gave me the name Alvi because I didn’t have a name yet. Organising is my thing – preferably adventures and birthday parties.»


Season Start

Muottas Muragl starts the summer season on June 8th and Corviglia on June 22nd.
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