White Marmot Restaurant & Bar

Where Glamour meets!

The birthplace of fine dining on the mountain was provided with contemporary impulses. We welcome you!

Lifestyle and snow sports have complemented each other perfectly on Corviglia for over 50 years. Gastro pioneer Hartly Mathis made Corviglia world famous as a culinary mountain. The unique legacy of the local mountain of St. Moritz, both in gastronomic and sporting terms, was carried into the future with the redesign of the gastronomy on Corviglia in 2017. Modern style, sport and stylish cuisine have been cleverly combined, tradition has been provided with contemporary impulses. We are looking forward to your visit at the White Marmot Restaurant & Bar!

The restaurant can be booked exclusively and on request for evening events. The restaurant offers (without bar & lounge) space for approx. 170 guests.


Please note that the 2G certificate policy applies in this outlet.


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