Current impressions from Corviglia and Muottas Muragl

Webcams and live images

With the live webcams on Corviglia and Muottas Muragl you always get the latest impressions of the weather and the conditions on our mountains. You want to know what the weather forecast for Corviglia and Muottas Muragl looks like? Here you can find all live weather data including forecast.

Webcam Corviglia

Webcam Muottas Muragl

Webcam Piz Nair

Webcam Trais Fluors

Static webcams

The following still images are updated every 15 minutes. Do you want to make sure you see the latest shot? Then we recommend that you reload this page.

Opening of Glünetta

On 7th of December is the opening of our Glünetta Mountain Lodge with new cozy interior design and spectacular view from the terrace.

Restaurant Glünetta