Orienteering training courses on Corviglia and Muottas Muragl


Here the motto «run, search and find» applies. Orienteering on Corviglia and Muottas Muragl demands both speed and endurance as well as a good sense of orientation. In each area, 15 posts have to be passed on the basis of an orienteering map - an ideal altitude training at 2000 meters.

Since orienteering does not involve a specific order, one can choose one's own route through the terrain and should therefore not only be physically fit, but also be able to read maps and (re)plan quickly. Orienteering maps are available at the cash desks of our mountain railways at the valley stations and can be purchased for CHF 5 each without a valid mountain railway ticket. A discounted price of CHF 2.50 per map applies with a valid mountain railway ticket.

Would you like to complete the orienteering course as a group? Then please register early at infoengadinol.ch, so that enough orienteering maps are available.


Opening of Glünetta

On 7th of December is the opening of our Glünetta Mountain Lodge with new cozy interior design and spectacular view from the terrace.

Restaurant Glünetta