Alpine trail running routes on Corviglia and Muottas Muragl

Trail Running

Run in the magnificent mountain world across lush alpine meadows, through impressive stone landscapes, up to summits that reward you with a magnificent view. Discover the running paradises of Corviglia and Muottas Muragl with their diverse trail running routes.

Trail running tip: The right equipment

When trail running in the mountains, the weather and the terrain in particular determine the equipment. Here you will find some important, useful tips about the right trail running equipment.

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Good for the knee: descent with the mountain railroad

If you don't want to strain your knees too much or want to shorten the route, you can always take the mountain railway on your decent. We will bring you back down to the valley without straining your joints or strength.


Mountain and excursion restaurants

Surrounded by alpine meadows and imposing mountain peaks, enjoy the sun and let your eyes wander over the alpine panorama: Our mountain restaurants are the ideal place for a well-deserved break.



Important Information

Signal-Bad cable car is expected to start operating on July 6th.
From 2500 m the conditions are wintry, so there may be restrictions here.
Piz Nair cable car therefore currently does not transport bikes.