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Take a green vacation

Eat and sleep sustainably on Muottas Muragl in the first plus-energy hotel in the Alps. The Romantik Hotel is powered by 100 percent renewable energy. Thanks to the optimal slope orientation with plenty of hours of sunshine, the PlusEnergy Hotel's solar system is also the second most efficient in Switzerland: it produces all the electricity for the hotel and restaurant. Sustainability plays an important role in the daily work of both the hotel and restaurant industries. With the Medicleantec's micro dry steam, we clean our restaurant and hotel establishments in a particularly environmentally friendly way - with only water, completely without chemicals or aggressive cleaning agents, and 100% hygienically. 

Staying at the PlusEnergy Hotel

As part of a comprehensive renovation, the Romantik Hotel Muottas Muragl was named the first plus-energy hotel in the Alps in 2010. Book your sustainable holiday in the Swiss mountains.


First plus-energy hotel in the Alps

In addition to a construction method that followed the principles and specifications of the «Minergie Labe»l, the «PlusEnergy Hotel» project went one step further: From the original area of 1,700 m², the building was expanded to 2700 m². Despite 50% more floor space, the energy demand was reduced by 64% from 436,600 kWh/a to 157,400 kWh/a.

56 m² of tube collectors in the panes of the windows of the basement floor provide the necessary energy for hot water in the building of the Romantik Hotel Muottas Muragl. 16 geothermal probes with an average length of 200 metres, a total of 3200 metres, supply the entire building with geothermal heat. Additionally, 228 metres of the most efficient photovoltaic system in Switzerland is situated along the railroad track and provides for the generation of the required electrical energy. If surplus solar energy is available, it is stored in the ground via ground probes. This way, the earth storage mass regenerates itself. Waste heat from cooling systems, heat recovery from exhaust air, and waste heat from the machine room are further complementary measures that make the new building a sustainable and environmentally friendly operation. In the annual balance, the mountain in fact produces more energy than the building actually needs. 

Ecological cleaning with micro dry steam

Thanks to the Medicleantec Micro Cleaner, we can clean the Romantik Hotel Muottas Muragl in a particularly environmentally friendly way - only with water, completely without chemicals or aggressive cleaning agents, guaranteeing 100% hygiene. 

How does it work? With the Medicleantec's micro dry steam: The high-performance Micro Cleaner heats the cleaning device and works with very dry micro steam (only 5-8% water content), achieving a residue-free, hygienic cleanliness on all surfaces and materials.

Why does the Micro Cleaner clean more efficiently with its special micro steam?

The micro-dry steam is generated in the Micro Cleaner with over 9 bars of pressure and more than 180°C of heat. This means that the dry steam has a water content of approx. 5-8 percent. With this high quality steam, consisting of tiny steam molecules (no water droplets), we clean even sensitive surfaces such as upholstered furniture, carpets, leather, wood and plastics effortlessly and sustainably. The materials can dry in a very short time. For example, with just 2-3 liters of water, we can completely clean a floor area of 100 m² to 150 m².

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