Cross-country running track for high-altitude training

«Finnenbahn» Lej Alv

The Lej Alv is not only a beautiful mountain lake, but also perfect for altitude training. The one-kilometre-long Finnenbahn runs around the lake and offers runners a wonderful, healthy surface to train on.

Lej Alv Training Plan

8 x 1000 m with 2 minutes recovery between each session: The perfect preparation for any race.
Here it is advisable to run alternately clockwise and counterclockwise to maintain muscle balance. Changing the surface between runs is a real challenge for the legs.

Combination of 2000 m runs and hill sprints: The ideal exercise session for endurance.
Run 2 laps around the Lej Alv before taking a 3-minute break. Then head to the path on the south side of the lake for 6 x 20 second hill sprints. For recovery, take a leisurely walk back down to the start after each sprint. Repeat these sets a total of 2 times after another 3-minute break.

5000 m run with a view: suitable for beginners or those who want to loosen up the legs after a day in the mountains.
5 laps around the Lej Alv will be a 5 kilometer altitude workout. Use the fin track for a soft run and the cool water of the lake to cool down the legs afterwards.

10 x 500 m sprints: working on speed?
Then how about some 500 meter sprints with 2-minute rests between each set? Take it easy at the beginning to get all the sets done.