All roads lead to the Engadin

Journey to St. Moritz

Nestled among the lofty peaks of the Swiss Alps, there exists a picturesque valley adorned with pristine lakes, majestic mountains and an abundance of natural beauty all around. This idyllic setting serves as a captivating backdrop for both recreational pursuits and relaxation. In this inspiring high valley you will find St. Moritz, embraced by the diverse landscapes of Corviglia and Muottas Muragl, offering an array of outdoor adventures. Discover the various routes to reach St. Moritz, whether by train, car, or plane.

Travel by train

We highly recommend to travel by train, as you will enjoy an environmentally conscious voyage and the opportunity to embark on one of Europe's most picturesque and captivating rail journeys. The Rhaetian Railway (RhB) ride from Chur to the Engadin boasts with winding tunnels and awe-inspiring viaducts that are sure to leave a lasting impression. As an alternative route, you can also enjoy a comfortable journey by train directly from Landquart, passing through Klosters and through the Vereina tunnel en route to St. Moritz.



Arrival by car

You can reach the Engadin by car from anywhere in Switzerland, Italy, Germany, Austria:

Zurich - St. Moritz: 200 km, 3 hours
Milano - St. Moritz: 175 km, 3 hours
Munich - St. Moritz: 300 km, 4 hours
Basel - St. Moritz: 250 km, 4 hours

Plan your journey to St. Moritz with Google Maps.


Arrival by plane

Airport Shuttle Friedrichshafen: If you're traveling from Friedrichshafen, you can take advantage of the convenient Friedrichshafen - St. Moritz shuttle service. This service entails a minibus ride to Klosters, followed by a seamless transition to the Rhaetian Railway. The shuttle operates daily, with departures scheduled approximately 30 minutes after the arrival of RyanAir flights from London Stansted. Further information and reservations under shuttledirect.

Engadin Airport: Engadin Airport offers flights connecting to major international airports, including Zurich, Geneva, Basel, Milan, and Munich. Additionally, you can access a range of air cab services that extend to numerous domestic and international destinations..

Fly Rail Baggage: You can arrange for your luggage to be transported from any airport to your chosen destination within the Engadin, using Zurich or Geneva airports as transit points. This ensures a stress-free journey to the Engadin, with your baggage automatically delivered to your desired location. When heading back from the Engadin, you have the option to have your luggage transported to the airport for a CHF 30 fee per piece of baggage. Thanks to the Airport Baggage Service, you can retrieve your luggage at the SBB counter in the airports prior to your departure. If you're an international traveler, it's advisable to inquire about the specific luggage transport services available in your home country for shipments to Switzerland. Further information



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Season Start

Muottas Muragl starts the summer season on June 8th and Corviglia on June 22nd.
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