Trail Running on Corviglia

Running and altitude training in fresh mountain air and the most beutiful view.

Trail running around Lej Alv

The lake of Lej Alv above Marguns captures and stores the water that flows down the mountain and the Val Schlattain during the snow melt. In winter the lake is used as a reservoir for the artificial snow on the mountainside; in summer it provides a wonderful excursion destination for runners, mountain bikers and hikers.

The Lej Alv is also ideally suited for altitude training, with a Finnenbahn cross-country running track circling the lake (1 round = 1km) – a wonderfully healthy option for joggers and other endurance athletes to train on. ‘Take a deep breath, fill your lungs, and enjoy!’ has always been the motto at the Lej Alv!

Piz Nair Vertical Run

Ambitious runners can scale over 1,200 altitude metres by running from St. Moritz Dorf and up to Piz Nair. The trail runs from the village centre (1,822 metres above sea level) via the Corviglia mountain station and up to Piz Nair (3,057 metres above sea level) while offering spectacular views of the Engadin.

Keen runners have the option of leaving their luggage (backpack, sports bag) at the St. Moritz Dorf funicular valley station. This is then transported by the mountain railways up to Piz Nair, where it can be retrieved by the runners.

Trail running routes on Corviglia

Altitude training in Engadin St. Moritz

Between 1000 and 2000 top athletes a year train in the Swiss Olympic Training Base St. Moritz. The lower atmospheric pressure over 1800 m above sea level and reduced oxygen levels at this altitude present a challenge to the whole body, with the result that sports enthusiasts can take advantage of a natural performance boost. The dry and stimulating alpine climate of the Upper Engadin, with an exceptionally high number of sunny days every year, ensures that anyone who plans to train in this magnificent high-altitude valley can look forward to perfect training conditions.

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Trail running Routes

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Vertical Running

Ambitiuos runners conquer Piz Nair starting from St. Moritz.

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Reservoir Lake Lej Alv

An inspiring place – no matter if you just relax there or use it for your altitude training.

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