Welcome to Winter Paradise St. Moritz

Skiing on perfectly groomed slopes, winter hiking with paradisiacal views: experience unforgettable days at Corviglia and Muottas Muragl.

Enjoy sunshine all day long and take advantage of the best slopes under your skis: 350 kilometres of slopes and the dry inner-Alpine climate make this possible in the Engadin. Thanks to an altitude of 1800 to 3303 metres, snow is assured, despite the many sunny days.

The Corviglia in Celerina and St. Moritz is a Swiss ski resort par excellence. Every skier, regardless of how experienced or inexperienced they are, will be rewarded in full measure on its diverse range of slopes. And along the way, they will always be accompanied by absolutely stunning views of the surrounding peaks.

Skiing on Corviglia

A visit to Corviglia is a must for everyone who is an avid skier! After all, this is the very place where it all started. The cradle of winter tourism. A piece of ski history and one of the leading ski destinations in the world. The Corviglia guarantees mountain experiences that are in a class of their own – and all with fantastic views.

Winter hiking on Muottas Muragl and Corviglia

The crunch of snow underfoot is the only sound far and wide. All around you, a dream dusted in glistening white. And the view – breathtaking! Below you, the Upper Engadin’s seemingly endless chain of lakes, above you, the snow-covered mountain peaks. This is winter hiking on Muottas Muragl. Winter could hardly be more beautiful.

Muottas Muragl Tobbogan Run

Twenty bends, 4.2 kilometres in length, a climb of 718 metres: this is what awaits you on the fastest toboggan run in the region. This high-speed experience on Muottas Muragl begins at the top station and takes you through white, sugar-dusted pine and larch forests down into the valley – akin to a tobogganing fairy tale for young and old.

Snowshoe hiking on Muottas Muragl

To enjoy the most beautiful views over the Engadin in all its glorious tranquillity, you only need to take a few steps out into the enchanting mountain world – preferably on snowshoes! Even total beginners will be able to make their way along the 3.5-kilometre Muottas Muragl snowshoe hiking trail without any concerns whatsoever. The route is well signposted and offers a combination of sporting activity and relaxed hiking.

Winter activities in the skiing area Corviglia

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Skiing area Corviglia 

Corviglia is one of the world’s top snowsports areas, with pistes that have featured in the World Championships and the Olympics.

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White Carpet

Be the first on the piste: The mountain railways and cableways take early risers up to seventh heaven from 7.45 am.

Snowpark Crowland, Corviglia
Snowpark «Crowland»

The right offer to suit every level. Fun, jibbing and cool jumps are all guaranteed.

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Winter hiking on corviglia

Winter hiking on Corviglia - fascinating views included!

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Kids skiing area Provulèr

Carefree fun on the slopes for families and beginners in Celerina.

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Piz Nair Sunrise with Breakfast

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Winter activities on Muottas Muragl

Winterwandern auf Muottas Muragl | © ©2016 Engadin St. Moritz Mountains
Winter Hiking

Slow down and enjoy fresh air and a stunning view on Muottas Muragl high above the valley.

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Hikers doing a snow show hiking tour on Muottas Muragl
Snowshoe hiking

Discover beautiful Muottas Muragl on a snowshoe hike.

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Tobbogan run

High speeds and hairpin bends: the toboggan run on Muottas Muragl promises unforgettable thrills.

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Winter Playground on Muottas Muragl

Fun and action on the winter playground of Muottas Muragl!

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Full moon snow shoe hiking tour on Muottas Muragl
Full moon Snowshoe hike

The Engadin’s most beautiful panoramic mountain also lives up to its reputation at night.