Summer Paradise for Mountain Lovers

Mountain biking, hiking, running or simply enjoying the peace and quiet of nature: experience unforgettable summer days on Corviglia and Muottas Muragl.

An almost unlimited range of sports opportunities for outdoor fans; views that have provided inspiration for artistic and poetic masterpieces; a beautiful natural environment that leaves you speechless and is a life-long source of fascination, even for locals. Doesn’t it sound like a dream come true? Absolutely! The mountain region of Engadin St. Moritz is surely one of the most beautiful and rewarding holiday destinations in Switzerland – even in summer.

Hikes with incomparable views over the Engadin lakes; four flow trails for mountain bikers and countless single alpine trails; trail running at breathtaking altitudes: this is an awe-inspiring playground for the whole family to enjoy: Corviglia and Muottas Muragl provide summer mountain experiences to enthral and delight.

Mountain Biking on Corviglia

From fun flow trails to tricky Alpine paths, simple single tracks to well-established forest and Alpine trails: St. Moritz offers everything a biker’s heart could desire, and always against a backdrop of imposing mountain scenery. Even e-mountain bikers are in good hands here.

Hiking on Muottas Muragl and Corviglia

Hiking in the Engardin mountains is the best therapy for the soul. Leave the cares of everyday life behind and just enjoy the moment. Breathe deeply, put one foot in front of the other and just let the imposing mountain landscape work its magic. Life really can be that simple.

Trail running on Corviglia

Your pulse is high, your lungs are burning, and you’ve worked up a good sweat but trail running on Corviglia is not a training exercise – it’s an experience. With your head in flow mode, and your feet finding the right way almost by themselves, feast your eyes upon the magnificent view.

Enjoy the mountain summer with your family

If you enjoy hiking with the whole family, you’ll find plenty of opportunies – with or without pushchairs – on Corviglia and Muottas Muragl. Our flow trails offer great mountain biking fun for children, too. And, so that parents can relax from time to time, the Margun and Romantik Hotel Muottas Moragl restaurants have playgrounds to occupy the little ones. They certainly won’t be bored!

Mountain railways all inclusive

Our top deal for mountain bikers: book into a bikers’ hotel like the ALL IN ONE HOTEL INN LODGE in Celerina for at least two nights and mountain cableway travel is included – and for your bike too!

Art Mountain Muottas Muragl

The impressive landscape, incomparable light and breathtaking views have already inspired artists including Giovanni Segantini and Alberto Giacometti. You can experience art on Muottas Muragl itself by walking the short circular “Senda d’Inspiraziun” trail.

Culinary Highlights

Whether you just want to top up energy levels during sport or enjoy a relaxing a meal, Muottas Muragl and Corviglia offer culinary delights to suit every taste in a range of venues from traditional mountain shelters to wonderful sun terraces, cool bars and cosy restaurants.

Other summer activities and adventures on Corviglia and Muottas Muragl


Piz Nair Sunrise

Be the first at the top and enjoy the sunrise from Piz Nair.

Marguns scooter run

There’s little to beat the thrill of racing down nature’s fragrant slopes on a mountain scooter.

Augmented Reality

Bring the history of our mountains with your phone to life.

The most important info for your mountain summer in St. Moritz

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